Yearsley, “A Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slave Trade” read by Christofer Foss

Source: UMW. Part one: Download link

Part two: Download link 


  1. Coming from the heart/middle of Africa, born and raised; left my beautiful homeland in search of something better only to find out how distorted slavery has been projected in the western continent. Reading horror stories about the slave trade, makes me want to go back and will go back to my mother country in Central Africa. And I will embrace and ask every white person that Mugabe killed, forgiveness. The British may have been cruel – BUT NEVER AS CRUEL as the blacks are to the whites in central Africa. After all they (the whites that settled) did nothing (compared to the West)…. I wish I could take every black person over to my country and they in turn will be horrified at how the blacks through the whites in prison with rats and mice and nishma (a type of porridge) and water – men and women.

    As necessary it is to write about inhumanity – it should be toned down as it is only ignitied more hatred between races and continents that a another mass slaughter between the races is inevitable to explode – as is currently happening in Zimbabwe – there are no white left – the blacks masacraded them ALL!!!!!

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