Williams. “Sonnet to Twilight” read by Alison Stevens

Williams. “Sonnet to Twilight” read by Alison Stevens


Sonnet to Twilight by Helen Maria Williams


Meek Twilight! soften the declining day,

And bring the hour my pensive spirit loves;

When o’er the mountain slow descends the ray

That gives to silence and to night the groves.

Ah, let the happy court the morning still,

When, in her blooming loveliness arrayed,

She bids fresh beauty light the vale or hill,

And rapture warble in the vocal shade.

Sweet is the odour of the morning’s flower,

And rich in melody her accents rise;

Yet dearer to my soul the shadowy hour

At which her blossoms close, her music dies:

For then, while languid Nature droops her head,

She wakes the tear ’tis luxury to shed.

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