Williams. “Sonnet To The Curlew” read by Alison Stevens

Source: UMW. Williams. “Sonnet To The Curlew” read by Alison Stevens


Sonnet To The Curlew by Helen Maria Williams


SOOTH’D by the murmurs on the sea-beat shore,

His dun-grey plumage floating to the gale,

The Curlew blends his melancholy wail

With those hoarse sounds the rushing waters pour.

Like thee, congenial bird! my steps explore

The bleak lone sea-beach, or the rocky dale,–

And shun the orange bower, the myrtle vale,

Whose gay luxuriance suits my soul no more.

I love the ocean’s broad expanse, when drest

In limpid clearness, or when tempests blow:

When the smooth currents on its placid breast

Flow calm, as my past moments us’d to flow;

Or when its troubled waves refuse to rest,

And seem the symbol of my present woe.

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