Philips, “To my Lady Anne Boyle, Saying I Looked Angrily upon Her” read by Beth Lindenblad


Adored Valeria! and can you conclude

Orinda lost in such ingratitude?

And so mis-spell the language of my face,

When in my heart, you have so great a place?

Ah, be assured, I could no look direct

To you, not full of passion and respect.

Or, if my looks have played that treacherous part,

And so much misinterpreted my heart,

I shall forgive them, that one falsehood, less

Than all their folly and their ugliness,

And had much rather choose they should appear

Always unhandsome, than once unsincere.

But I must thank your error, which procures

Me such obliging jealousy as yours:

For at that quarrel I can ne’er repine,

Which shows your kindness, though it questions mine

To your concern I pardon your distrust,

And prize your love, even when it is unjust.

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