Philips, “Death” read by Liz Moran

Source UMW:

How weak a star doth rule mankind,
Which owes its ruin to the same
Causes which Nature had designed
To cherish and preserve the frame!

As commonwealths may be secure,
And no remote invasion dread,
Yet may a sadder fall endure
From traitors in their bosom bred,

So while we feel no violence,
And [in] our active health do trust,
A secret hand doth snatch us hence,
And tumble us into dust.

Yet carelessly we run our race,
As if we could not death’s summons waive;
And think not on the narrow space
Between a [cradle] and a grave.

But since we cannot death reprieve,
Our souls and fame we ought to mind,
For they our bodies will survive:
That goes beyond, this stays behind.

If I be sure my soul is safe,
And that my actions will provide
My tomb a nobler epitaph,
Than that I only lived and died,

So that in various accidents
I conscience may and honor keep:
I with that ease and innocence
Shall die, as infants go to sleep.

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