Wesley, “On Parting with a Little Child” read by Valerie Lapointe

Source: UMW.

Wesley Samuel On Parting with a Little Child read by Valerie Lapointe

DEAR, Farewel, a little while,
Easy parting with a Smile ;

Ev’ry Object in thy Way

Makes Thee innocently gay ;

All that Thou canst hear or fee,

All is Novelty to Thee.
Thoughts of Parents left behind
Vex not yet thine Infant Mind;
Why should then their Hearts repine ?
Mournful Theirs, and merry thine.
‘Tis the World, the seeming Wise, •
Toil to make their Children rife;
While the Heir that reaps their Gains
Thankless thinks not of their Pains.
Sportive Youth in haste to live
Heeds not Ills that Years may give:
Age in Woe and Wisdom grey
Vainly mourns for them that play.

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