Montagu, Two “Songs” read by Chelsea Mays

Source: UMW Montagu Two Songs

Song 1
By: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Why should you think I live unpleas’d,
Because I am not pleas’d with you?
My mind is not so far diseas’d,
To yield when powder’d fops pursue.
My vanity can find no charm
In common prostituted vows;
Nor can you raise a wish that’s warm
In one that your true value knows.
While cold and careless thus I shun
The buzz and flutter that you make,
Perhaps some giddy girl may run
To catch the prize that I forsake.
So brightly shines the glittering glare,
In unexperienc’d children’s eyes,
When they with little arts ensnare
The gaudy painted butterflies.
While they with pride the conquest boast,
And think the chase deserving care,
Those scorn the useless toil they cost
Who’re us’d to more substantial fare.

Song 2

Fond wishes you pursue in vain,
My heart is vow’d away and gone;
Forbear thy sighs, too, lovely swain,
Those dying airs that you put on!
Go try on other maids your art,
Ah! leave this lost unworthy heart,
But you must leave it soon.
Such sighs as these you should bestow
On some unpractis’d blooming fair;
Where rosy youth doth warmly glow,
Whose eyes forbid you to despair.
Not all thy wond’rous charms can move
A heart that must refuse your love,
Or not deserve your care.

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