Flatman, “The Sad Day” read by Chris Moses

Source: UMW. Download Title


  1. akalaska903 says:

    I feel that the reader of this poem should be commended not only for his emotional presentation, but for the subtlety of pauses and changes in voice inflection as well. With regard to emotion, I could sense the despair, hopelessness, and sadness that pervades the entire poem. Within it, I could feel a tinge of anger and grief that undoubtedly would have accompanied the aforementioned mood. Besides this, the reader also read the poem the way the author would have wanted it. He did this by paying attention to the punctuation, and allowing brief stoppages to heighten the intensity of the poem. In a way, this reflects the gasps of shock that emanate from the dying man’s friends, and consequentially are able to take an emotional hold of the listener. Finally, I found that the reader of the poem was able to change the inflection of his voice just enough, so that the reader could tell the difference between the comments from the dying man’s friends, the narrator, and the dying man himself.

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