Dryden, “Farewell Ungrateful Traitor” read by Peter Teagle

Farewell ungrateful traitor,
Farewell my perjured swain,
Let never injured creature
Believe a man again.
The pleasure of possessing
Surpasses all expressing,
But ’tis too short a blessing,
And love too long a pain.

‘Tis easy to deceive us
In pity of your pain,
But when we love you leave us
To rail at you in vain.
Before we have descried it,
There is no bliss beside it,
But she that once has tried it
Will never love again.

The passion you pretended
Was only to obtain,
But when the charm is ended
The charmer you disdain.
Your love by ours we measure
Till we have lost our treasure,
But dying is a pleasure,
When living is a pain.

John Dryden

Source: UMW

Dixon, “The Returned Heart” Read by Brianna Costache

Source: UMW

Dixon, “Verses left on a Lady’s Toilet” read by Alaina Zitzmann

Source: UMW.
Sarah Dixon: “Verses left on a Lady’s Toilet” 1740

When Celia frowns, I vow and swear
She makes both friends and foes despair:
I hate to think that things so vain
As heedless maids and dirty men,
A dish ill-cooked, a glass unwashed,
A petticoat wrong cut and slashed,
Should make good humour, wit, and sense
Give way to their impertinence.
Rather let me with sops in ale,
In nut-brown bowl, myself regale;
In Scottish plod, or Irish frieze,
Let me be dressed, if toys like these,
So foreign to substantial joy,
Can Celia’s peace of mind destroy.



Defoe, “The True Born Englishman,” Part I, read by John Richetti

Source: PennSound Anthology of Restoration and 18th-Century Verse

Note: large file (23:08).


Davies, “On Tintern Abbey” read by Angharad Rees

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Source: YouTube.com

Davenant, “Ladies in Arms” read by Elizabeth Papoulakos

Source: UMW. Download Title

Here is a great Restoration poem about women of the time.

Duke, “Caelia,” various readers

1) Read by Jessica Eadie. Source UMW.duke-caelia-jessica-eadie

2) Read by Warren Rochelle. Source: UMW. Download link 

3) Read by Marie McAllister. Source: UMW. Download link