Philips, “An Answer to Another Persuading a Lady to Marriage” read by Jordan Schultz

Source: UMW

Molesworth, “Verses from a Lady at Bath, dying with a Consumption, to her Husband” read by Jordan Schultz


“Verses from a Lady at Bath, dying with a Consumption, to her Husband”

by Elizabeth Welwood Molesworth

Read by Jordan Schultz


Thou! who dost all my worldy thoughts imploy.

Thou pleasing source of all my worldly joy!

Thou tend’rest husband! and thou truest friend!

To thee this fond, this last, adieu I send.

Since that all-conqu’ring death asserts his right,

And will for ever veil me from thy sight;

He woos me to him with a chearful grace,

And not one terror clouds his meagre face;

At length the joys of heav’n he sets in view,

And shows me that no other joys are true;

He promises a lasting rest from pain,

And shows me that life’s flitting joys are vain.

But love, fond love, would yet resist his pow’r,

Would yet a while defer the parting hour;

He brings thy mournful image to my eyes,

And would obstruct my journey to the skies.

But say, thou dearest, thou unwearied friend!

Say, shouldst thou grieve to see my sorrows end?

Thou know’st a painful pilgrimage I’ve past,

And shouldst thou mourn that death is come at last?

Rather rejoice to see me shake off life,

And die, as I have liv’d, thy ever faithful wife.


-Found in British Women Poets of the Long Eighteenth Century Edited by Paula R. Backscheider & Catherine E. Ingrassis